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There, a compatibility issue between BizTalk360 v8.5 and BT360Deploy has been solved.
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Project Description
BT360Deploy is a console application which creates BizTalk360 alerts during deployment of BizTalk applications with the Deployment Framework (BTDF).

When you use BizTalk360 ( for administering and operating your BizTalk Server applications, you'll probably use BizTalk360 Alerts to monitor the state of the different artifacts of your BizTalk Server applications.
For example you'll want to know whether your Receive Locations are Enabled, your Orchestrations and Send Ports are Started and you might want to be alerted when you've got more than a certain number of Suspended Instances.

Typically you'll manually create your BizTalk360 Alerts after the BizTalk application has been deployed.

To minimize the amount of manual labor during/after the deployment of your BizTalk application, you might want to have your BizTalk360 Alert created during the deployment.

BT360Deploy has been specifically designed with that goal in mind. All desired settings can be configured per DTAP environment with the Deployment Framework Settings File (SettingsFileGenerator.xml).

By incorperating BT360Deploy into your BTDF project, you can:
- set all properties of a BizTalk360 Alert
- set the expected state of all/distinct Receive Locations
- set the expected state of all/distinct Orchestrations
- set the expected state of all/distinct Send Ports
- set warning thresholds for all different instance states
- set error thresholds for all different instance states
- overwrite or update existing alert

BT360Deploy has been tested with:
- Windows Server 2012 R2
- BizTalk Server 2013 R2
- BizTalk Deployment Framework v6 beta
- BizTalk360 v8

See the documentation tab page for a detailed description on how to use BT360Deploy.

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